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Hello! We at Vegan First, love all things vegan. (Duh, that's obvious from our name right?)

Veganism is a rapidly growing trend - it's multifaceted and quickly catching up. Each nook and corner of the country is popping up with something new in the world of veganism. Which, some might say, is scattered.


Now, here's where we enter the picture!


Digital is such a wonderful messenger, don't you think? We intend to curate all-things-vegan under one digital platform. You have the questions (we know you do), and we have the answers (you know we do)!


If it's vegan, we're there. Be it an interview, or a video or an event or a food review or a recipe or fashion or a party *wink wink* - you can count on us.


Veganism is a lifestyle. It's more than just a diet. From the toothpaste you use, to the clothes you wear, why even the car you buy, and so much more, there are aspects of veganism that are involved in each of these. We wish to gather this information together, package it beautifully and have it delivered to you.

We fully believe that content is king. Don't you too?

Mohanji Veganfirst Inspiration

Our Inspiration

The concept of Vegan First as a brand was inspired by the teachings of Brahmarishi Mohanji. He's touched a million lives across the globe and has been the driving force behind our vegan venture. He set us on the path to a cruelty-free, compassionate and happy lifestyle. We're happy to take the baton forward and spread his message to more people.

Our Influencers

We deeply appreciate the support extended to us by experts, influencers, advisors, council members and media partners.


" The way vegan first is making a difference in the lives of animals and people is of a lot of value and much needed in this world today"

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"I love the tips and fun articles by vegan first! I paired up my wardrobe with the combinations they offered."

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Harshit Malhotra, Writer & Fitness Trainer

What is Vegan?

A vegan is one who doesn't consume anything that comes from animals. Meat, milk, milk products, silk, wool, leather, honey, pearls are some of the most regularly used products that vegans avoid.

But why?

Because, in today's world, everything that comes out of an animal is out of exploitation. And vegans don't like to exploit animals.

A lifestyle that is PLANT BASED. From the gifts of nature!

A lot of our food, lifestyle products actually come from animals and not from plants. A Vegan Lifestyle does not use animals as a commodity for anything like food, clothes, shoes, bags or furniture.

Here are some common products in our everyday life which have vegan options as well as non vegan. Vegans choose to avoid using animals as commodities and abusing animals for animal tests or cruelty of any kind.

Chickens, goats and various other animals
Chickens and other various birds/animals
Milk And Dairy
Cows, Goats and other animals
Silk worms
Honey bees
Made with mix of plant oils and animals (usually tallow)
Leather jacket
Feather pen
Leather Hand Bags
Snakes, Cows and other animals
Leather Shoes
Snakes, Cows, and other animals
Car seats
Cow, snakes
Animal testing
Cosmetics, makeup and other companies

All of the above products are available in plant-based options. Vegans choose to have those.

Have any more doubts? Feel free to ask us! We're all ears. hello@veganfirst.com