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10 Greens That Actually Help Your Body With Detoxification!

  • Tanvi Sonawane
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When you need a break from all the heaps of food you have been consuming at shaadis, parties and at home, here is a list of green vegetables that are healthy and can make this detox phase smoother and tastier.

We have all at some point realized that we’ve been eating not-so-mindfully and instead have been binging on unhealthy food and drinks. Sooner or later it starts showing on our body in different ways, besides the obvious weight gain. It can be quite uncomfortable physically as well as mentally. The overall aftermath of eating foods that are not so healthy has a negative impact on our body and this is where we feel the need to detoxify!

The process of removing toxic substances from the body slowly and naturally to feel lighter and relaxed seems like a favorable idea. All we can think of is the Greens! So, Here are a few green veggies that help in getting rid of those stubborn toxins that have collected in the body!  

1. Arugula

 green vegetables that are healthy

This natural detoxifier helps reduce chronic-inflammation and fight cancer cells. The high level of chlorophyll prevents liver damage. It can be used to make pesto or simply as a topping for pizzas, salads and soups.

2. Asparagus

 green vegetables that are healthy

This natural diuretic nourishes the digestive tract and the presence of insulin helps support the beneficial bacteria in our gut. Simply roasting it and seasoning it with your favorite herb is one of the easiest way to add it in your diet.

3. Basil

 green vegetables that are healthy

Basil promotes the production of saliva which digests the food efficiently. Try basil induced tea or water the next time you’re feeling bloated as basil reduces water retention within the body.  

4. Broccoli

 green vegetables that are healthy

Broccoli not only increases the metabolism in the body but also improves the hormonal health. It plays a major role in maintaining the blood sugar level which boosts immunity. Hence, it has to make it to your power list! Quickest way to cook would be just steaming them in a microwave and sprinkle some sea salt.

5. Cilantro

 green vegetables that are healthy

High mercury levels in the body stress the organs. Cilantro is responsible and helps in flushing the mercury out of the body. It prevents urinary tract infections and aids digestion. Normally used as a topping for sabjis and salads commonly known as “Dhaniya”.

6. Kale

 green vegetables that are healthy

A magic potion of green which is rich in iron and abundant with antioxidants, helps assist liver functioning and fight kidney diseases. Try blending it in with smoothies or maybe experiment with different kind of salads using kale.

7. Lemongrass

 green vegetables that are healthy

The aromatic healer containing a storehouse of nutrients also acts as a stress reliever. Lemongrass helps flush out the toxic wastes from the body along with uric acid. Most commonly used in tea for fits flavor and fragrance, is also beneficial for the health.

8. Mint

 green vegetables that are healthy

Mint helps reduce the growth of bacteria and fungus and is effective in the treatment of irritable bowel. Add some mint leaves to your drinking water, you can also leave it in the refrigerator overnight and start your day with this.

9. Spinach

 green vegetables that are healthy

The high water content in spinach helps maintain a healthy digestive tract which eases constipation and avoids formation of ulcers. Spinach is predominantly consumed for its strong anti-aging properties. Salads to smoothies or just some cooked dish, spinach can be used flexibly according to your style of eating!

10. Wheatgrass

 green vegetables that are healthy

There’s a reason why it is the greenest of all greens, it has 70% chlorophyll! That increases the oxygen level in the body which promotes detoxification. One can have it plain by mixing a spoonful with water or just add that spoonful to your smoothie!

Detoxification is necessary for the improved functioning of our mind and body. Instilling these greens in your diet will surely help you detox your way through an unhealthy lifestyle.


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