26 Indian and International Airlines that offer Vegan Meals!

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There has been news about airlines popping up on vegan groups for the last couple of months - which is why we wanted to see just how many airlines actually cater to vegans.  There are a few that do exclusive vegan meals, however, there are many that do dairy-free and egg-free vegetarian options that are essentially vegan options. We've listed all the airlines we know that offer vegan and vegan options meals both domestic and internationally. Anyone else excited and ready to book a ticket to an exotic destination!?

Without further ado, here is the list:

1. Air India – offers Vegan Meals  and Raw vegetarian Meals on their international flights

2. Indigo – Offers the Vegan option Burrito Bowl on all flights.

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3. Jet Airways – The Vegetarian Vegan Meal is one of three vegetarian options they offer.

4. Vistara – offers fruit platter (fruit only meal), Vegetarian Jain Meal which does say strictly no animal products, but it doesn’t mention is dairy is excluded or not. There is also a Lactose-free Meal, although it doesn’t state if you can opt for a vegetarian lactose-free meal.

5. Virgin Atlantic - The Vegan meal is available on all Virgin Atlantic flights except for UK domestic (Little Red) flights

6.  US Airlines – Offers Vegan meals which are served on all flights from and to Europe, the Middle East and South America It doesn’t say anything about flights from India.

7. Austrian Airlines – has a Non-dairy  Vegetarian Meal, which you can order 24 hours before departure if you forgot to do it while booking.

8. Air France- offers a Vegetarian (no-dairy or eggs) meal option, but it may or may not include honey. But it’s the closest thing to a vegan meal, and honey is usually served on the side and can be skipped.

9. Air Canada –offers a vegetarian mean (no- dairy), doesn’t specify if honey or eggs are used.

Below are the airlines that carry Vegetarian Vegan Meal (VGML) upon booking. However, you need to specify with your travel agent or online that you want the Vegan meal, because it does happen that they get mixed up some times.

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10. Singapore airlines,

11. Qatar airlines

12. Oman Air

13. Malaysian Airlines

14. Lufthansa

15. KLM

16. Iberia

17. Finnair

18. Emirates Airlines

19. Edelweiss

20. Delta Airlines

21. China Airlines

22. Cathay Pacific

23. British Airways

24. Alitalia

25. Air New Zealand

26. Aer Lingus


*Main Feature Image courtesy Shutterstock/Sorbis/Singapore Airlines


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