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Many are familiar with the dynamic Nithya Shanti and his teachings and beliefs. Vegan First had the opportunity to meet with him for a few mintues and got to ask him about two things that are close to our hearts, Ahimsa and Veganism.

1. We hurt each other with our speech more than anything at all. That's why I love this teaching called the 'Three Gates of Speech - First, is it True? Second, is it Kind? Lastly, Is it Neccesary?'

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2. Too often we limit our idea of Ahimsa to just human beings, but human being are just a small part of this planet. There are countless other living beings. So how can we live our lives with as less cruelty as possible?

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3. The single biggest thing I can do, if I claim to love the earth is live on a completely plant based diet. Good for my health and the environment. If I claim I love animals, then we have to not limit our love to cats and dogs, but broaden our notion to see all beings as our brothers and sisters.

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4. Some 4 million animals die every week, so How are we talking about spirituality if we’re not expanding our idea of compassion

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5. It is time for us to realise that our compassion can’t just be felt sitting on a meditation cushion.

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