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Movies about animals are simple, fun, heartwarming (sometimes beautifully heart breaking too) and they have great takeaways for kids and adults alike. Out of the many animal movies made each year, these are our best picks from the past and present

1. Duma

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“It was an odd friendship, but the oddnesses of friendships are a frequent guarantee of their lasting texture.”

A tale of an orphaned cheetah Duma, that is rescued and raised by a boy and his family and how the boy travels through Botswana’s harsh terrain to release him in the wild after being threatened by town folk who want to send the cheetah into captivity.


2. Marley and me

 Life lessons from a Dog

A young couple adopts puppy Marley who, through the journey of his lifetime, teaches them beautiful little lessons of life, love and friendship.


3. Hachi: A Dog's Tale

The legendary dog that never gave up

A true story of a dog Hachiko, the epitome of canine love and loyalty, who patiently waited every day for years at the same spot and time to be re-united with his owner who had passed away.


4. Life of Pi

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A shipwreck, a boy lost at sea with a ferocious tiger on a lifeboat - a grand tale of faith and survival

On an adventure of a lifetime, while trying to survive, Pi is forced to befriend a Bengal tiger. The journey and events that unfold, teach him not just how to stay alive but also impart some valuable lessons in the art of living.


5. Chillar Party

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Lessons of compassion & friendship from a bunch of kids

A gang of kids take on a scheming politician, the police and their elders who want to terminate their four-legged friend Bhidu for a dirty political move that’s shrouded in the pretext of citizen’s safety.


6. War Horse

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An extraordinary journey of a horse drawn into World War I and a boy who enlists in it just to find him

Set against the back drop of World War I, Steven Spielberg masterfully tells this incredible tale of hope, about a boy who joins the war to find and bring back his beloved horse that was bought by the English Army

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