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6 Way to Reduce Hair fall on a Vegan Diet

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Hair fall is something that plagues everyone and doesn’t discriminate with any diet. However, a lot of new vegans experience a sudden bout of hair fall. This can mainly be chalked up to lack of nutrients that you would have been getting from your previous diet. So the best way to really tackle hair fall is not just on the surface but from the inside.

1: Get more B-12

When you switch to a vegan diet, you are getting rid of your number one source of B-12, which is meat, fish and poultry. Tempeh and nutritional yeast are vegan-friendly options for B-12 but they aren’t high enough to combat hair fall. A regular B-12 supplement is a must, here at the Vegan First office, Nurokind OD is our go-to brand, it is effective and vegan. Consult your doctor before taking any supplement.

2: Zinc me up!

Zinc is another nutrient which is required for healthy hair. Luckily beans, wheat, seeds, fortified cereals and grains, as well as nuts are high in zinc. A fun way to load up on these is to have a hearty breakfast with all these ingredients and dream of long beautiful hair!

3: Lentil Iron-man

Iron deficiency can cause hair fall as well as fatigue and weakness, so if you’re feeling all these things then do take notice.  Move over Ironman, because the vegan hero is lentils. – iron rich and so easy to make in a number of ways; lentils are a great source of this nutrient. Consuming vitamin C along with your iron-heavy dishes will enhance the body’s absorption.

4: Eat your Legumes

Legumes are the primary source of plant based L-lysine. The lack of which can also lead to hair loss. Try and include these little gems into your salads or in your morning shakes/smoothies.

5: Don’t over-do the Soy

Protein is abundant in Soy, which is why so many vegans tend to consume a whole lot of it. However, try and balance your soy consumption. An over load can aggravate hypothyroidism if you are predisposed to it. Just make sure to substitute for other protein rich veggies like nuts, seeds, legumes, beans.

6: The Biotin Fad

This one is hard to take seriously because it was made popular by the Kardashians; but Biotin is the new kid in town that everyone wants to hang out with. Many sites and celebs have vouched for hair growth and healthy hair due to their consumption of biotin. The most popular brand of biotin is Sugar Bear Hair, who claims to be vegetarian and cruelty-free, however, they fail to say if they are vegan. Good news though, there are vegan options available - Deva Vegan is an American brand that has biotin tablets, available on Consult a doctor before taking any supplement.


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