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6 Ways to Cure Dog Depression

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Dog depression might be one of the most underrated pet problems most pet parents come across. Given the busy lives we lead, we often ignore the very first signs of pet depression and realise it a bit too late. In this article, we’ve taken expert opinions and gathered the best solutions to get your dog out of his gloominess.

Depression among animals often occurs when drastic changes affect their lives, much like us humans. The most common reasons your dog could get into a depression are:

1. A family member/ Companion pet moves out of the house or passes away

2. You move your dog to a new house/ environment

3. A new pet or family member is introduced to the dog's environment

4. Lack of attention due to various reasons

5. Medical Illness.

In all the above cases your dog might show signs of depression by losing or gaining an excessive appetite, losing interest in playtime activities he used to once love, avoiding human contact by hiding, getting extremely inactive or even licking their paws a lot.

There are various ways to cure depression depending on the temperament of your pet and the reasons he might be in a depression:

1. More Attention and Lots of Love

Pamper your little one by spending more time with him and making him feel loved. The extra love and warmth can surely lift up his spirits while he’s in a bad phase.


2. Take part in his favourite activities

Get your dog to take part in more of their favourite playtime activities which could be a swim, a doggy socialisation session and even a car ride, just anything to get that wagging tail back!


3. Reward your pooch

Make sure you reward your dog with words of praise and excitement and yummy treats every time he shows signs of happiness.

P.S: Make sure you do not reward your dog heavily when he’s low, as it might encourage the behaviour.


4. Get another pet

In case of the demise of a companion pet, give your dog a little time and get him a happy dog to lift his spirits up. Then again, only if you can manage to take up the responsibility.


5. Introduce them to their Favourite Human


Invite your dog’s favourite ‘hoomans’ home and let them mingle with him to make him feel loved and happy.


6. Consult a Vet

Dog depression could also be a reaction to illness, so get that vet check done as soon as you observe any signs of irregular behavioural changes. Prescribed medication can also prove useful to cure your dog off depression even though it takes a while.

To conclude, always remember to keep a close watch on your pet for any changes in his regular habits to easily identify signs of depression and deal with it as early as possible.



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