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7 Essential Monsoon Must Haves for Vegan Men

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Staying dry and comfortable all while heading to work or the gym isn’t an easy feat . Luckily brands nowadays know that men need utility as well as style to keep them going during the monsoon. Our list of functional yet very fashionable products is perfect conscious consumers. Take a look:

1. Casual Rain jacket

Image courtesy Ferrari, Myntra

Whether you’re on a date, or just hanging with the boys at the bar, this smart casual rain jacket is the perfect compliment. It’s a great staple to have in the closet and can be styled with almost anything in your wardrobe.

Price: Rs 5849, Buy it here

2. Formal and fabulous

Image Courtesy VegShoes

Don’t dread formal dress shoes during the monsoon, these faux-leather brogues from VegShoes are easy to clean and super stylish.  Also these are 100% vegan and PeTA approved! If you’d like to see more from VegShoes, check out are vegan Menswear guide.

Price: Rs. 1999, Buy it Here

3. Quirky is the new cool

Image courtesy Propshop24

In the spirit of the monsoons why not play with quirky cool accessories that will be a talking point at any occasion. We’re talking about this whimsical acrylic tie, yes it is water proof but it is also edgy and will set you apart from the crowd.

Price: 750, Buy it Here

4. The Ultimate Gym Training Back pack

Image courtesy Adidas

Get rid of those old duffle bags, and get a super convenient training backpack, that has enough space for your gym gear, shoes and a laptop if you need it. Best of all its rugged, with Adidas’s climacool technology and ventilation, so the rain and mildew won’t set it.

Price: Rs. 2,099 buy it here

5. Red hot under the umbrella

Image courtesy Esprit, Myntra

Forget those boring, blacks and grey umbrellas, we love this bright splash of colour on a dull rainy day. This Esprit umbrella in coral red is a must have, plus it’s big enough to be chivalrous and walk with a lady friend to her car.

Price: Rs 1657, buy it Here

6. Keep it tidy

Image Courtesy

Humidity is not just a girl’s enemy,  guys also get frizzy hair in the monsoon. Keep it tidy with a little product, but don’t go overboard. You only need a little of this cruelty free hair gel to get that natural yet stylish look.

Price: Rs 1536, Buy it Here

7. A trench coat

Image courtesy Zara

Nothing is classier than a guy who walks into a restaurant or boardroom in a smart trench coat. The fabric is thick enough to not get completely soaked through, making it great for light monsoon weather. Invest in a good quality one, as this is a classic that never goes out of style and can be worn for years.

Price: Rs. 12,990, Buy it Here


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