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9 Reasons Why You NEED To Try Pilates Now!

  • Tanvi Sonawane
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We know given the time and space that every human has this days with the million other engagements and chores lined up everyday. You need a work out regime that isn't too demanding yet is satisfying! Here are 9 reasons why you must try pilates now for a more relaxed and healthy lifestyle!  Everyone has days when the thought of getting out of bed, driving or walking to the gym to exercise seems like a task. Even new and exciting form of exercises don’t make the mark! In this case, when you just want to be home, Pilates might come as a great respite because you can actually do it sitting on your couch! The results of doing pilates everyday is visible in just few weeks. The initial days are tough when the abdominal muscles feel tired, but eventually the core gets strengthened and you can absolutely feel the difference!

Now there has to be some good reason why this is becoming the thing in the celebrities’ world, from Kate Hudson to Alia Bhatt, everyone is in love with Pilates. Here are 9 reasons why!

1. Does Not Ask For Too Much!   

This is the kind of body weight training that one could do with or without equipment. Easy-peasy! Focus on the body part you want to work on and do it on a floor, with or without a mat, it can be done in smaller spaces without any fuss. All you need is - well, just yourself!

2. Flex That Muscle!

We are often envious of women being able to stretch far beyond what seems like a possibility. Like they’re only muscles and no bones. That is because they have a high level of flexibility! With Pilates, you can push yourself and flex your body to that extent along with relaxing the mind and body.


3. Fixing That Posture Like A Queen!               

When you are consciously working on your posture everyday seems like a temporary fix that doesn’t last too long! With Pilates you are actually focusing on muscles that involve the spine which eventually corrects the posture automatically! A good posture makes you even more attractive and exudes confidence.

4. Breathe Through The Sweet Pain!

The inhaling, exhaling and holding your breath through the workout in a certain manner actually makes you forget the pains you are feeling while the muscles are working. You feel alive, you feel the pain and you get through it. This feeling of being able to breathe and take charge of the pain, makes your day to day live more stress free as you get rid of anxiety and restlessness by breathing through it!

5. It’s Got Your Back!

With all the workout techniques that help you strengthen the core and shoulders, you can get rid of that perpetual backache smoothly and permanently. The exercises help relieve back pains and fix the posture in the way that is more permanent in nature helping you get rid of it completely.

6. Take Bedroom Satisfaction To A New Level!

It is more than just about increasing your stamina in the bedroom, when the body is flexible you wouldn’t hesitate to try new intercourse positions with your partner. With the fair amount of pelvic muscles being moved during Pilates, you become more aware of the contraction and relaxation which may lead to better orgasms. And let’s not underestimate the power of Pilates to make you feel confident and sexy with that well-toned body!

7. Tone It Up!

With Pilates, you can actually control the level of toning of the muscles. That way you don’t put get that bulky look which may be undesirable to many. These exercises emphasize on muscles in a way that make the body lean and give a smooth muscular defined look making you look fit and fabulous!

8. Welcomes Pregnant Women Too!

While you are sitting ideally and binge eating, the need to shed that extra fat becomes a life goal. Pilates is completely safe when this is your concern during your pregnancy. It works on certain parts of the body without putting stress on other parts.

9. Getting in the zone!

The body gets into a rhythm; once you start practicing Pilates, your body naturally starts focusing on getting the movements and the techniques right. When you are your trainer, this only spills over to other aspects of life. Your concentration power increases and makes you feel more energetic and quick!     

So, why not give this a shot and see the results for yourself!


Tanvi Sonawane

I love writing, travelling and pilates. I believe in that we all are part of this world for a reason, and I'm still in search of my calling.

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