A Vegan Diet Helps Students who Suffer from Exams Stress

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There are plenty of facts proving that a vegan student is less affected by stress than the one who eats meat. Here are just some of them.

1. Does a Vegan Diet Have Anything to Do with Reducing Stress?

Of course, a vegan diet is not just about consuming or not consuming meat products. It is also about dairy, eggs and fish, and the whole culture of nutrition. Many of these products cause stress in a physical level. Meat, for example, increases the level of insulin. Among others, it can be one of stress causing factors. Moreover, it is the way of thinking. If you want to become a vegan, this decision shouldn’t be caused by the desire to reduce stress during the exams. However, dealing with such stress easily is another perk of veganism you really should consider.

2. Does Being a Vegan Lower the Pressure?

Yes. And there is nothing magical or esoteric about it. It also doesn't happen because you are happy with your choice or because you feel different from meat eaters. It is rather a physical matter than a spiritual one. Excluding meat from your diet lowers the risk of many diseases, like heart disease and diabetes.

3. Meal Planning

A lot of students choose to be vegan because they want to stay healthy. If this choice is well-grounded for you, you know that it is essential for your body and your brain to get all the necessary nutrients when you need them the most. That is why you have to plan your meals. Ideally, you would plan your day too not to take long breaks between your meals. Isn't it calming not to bother about what to eat? It is, especially if your head is full of other things, like tests and labs. Surely you can meal-plan regardless the diet you prefer. But it is always hard to start; and if you are already a vegan, it will take you less time to make a green salad than a burger, but you’ll still feel full. So, there are more chances that your exams will go smoothly without worrying about food if you are a vegan.

4. You Can Forget About Feeling Hungry

On the other hand, you don't HAVE to plan your meals and can eat whenever you feel hungry. It may be less healthy than eating according to a plan. But you will still get enough energy to be productive. Besides, you will not gain weight. And it is anyway better than ordering a good fat pizza in the middle of the night when you don't even have the time to make yourself a sandwich because the exam is tomorrow. All you need is some tofu or salad, fruit or nuts.

5. Vitamin Supply

There is no secret that the diet that is 100% vegan lacks some nutrients. One of the most important of them is vitamin B12. But do we live in times when the information is limited? No. If you are a member of the vegan society, you definitely know about all the tricky things about the diet. As compared to meat eaters, the majority of vegans are more attentive and scrupulous about the diet they choose to follow. Taking vitamins regularly is a part of their healthy lifestyle. Meat eaters are often sure that they get everything they need with food. So, the lack of many vitamins remains unnoticed, which causes additional stress.

6. Dopamine Swings

This hormone makes us feel happy right here and now. We get our dose of dopamine any time we achieve something - even when we check our inbox. This is definitely what you want when you are taking your exams. If you eat something fatty, like a steak, your level of dopamine will increase significantly. You may even get a little more productive for a short time. However, dopamine will soon decrease, and you will feel exhausted and stuffed instead. Peculiarly enough, this swing is as long as it takes you to eat your steak. So, meat eaters don't get the energy to study anyway, but they keep trying. As opposed to this, vegans get dopamine more or less equally during the day. They don't experience rough dopamine drops, which is vital in the process of studying for one's exams. Vegans can increase their dopamine level in no time if they want to. But instead of consuming meat, milk or honey (which is not vegan, either), they use smart psychological techniques. For example, they can complete a small and easy task, like going for a jog or making a green smoothie. The brain doesn't see the difference between this and completing the goal of your life. So, the level of dopamine rises.

People can endlessly argue whether being a vegan is natural or not. But when it comes to stress, you should mind that the benefits of a vegan lifestyle during your exams obviously outnumber the downsides. The latter can be balanced easily. Take your vitamins and complete some small and easy tasks to trick your brain into producing dopamine. Even if you still haven't made the final choice whether you are a vegan or a meat eater, the stressful exam months are the greatest opportunity to experience all the benefits of a plant-based diet.

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Richard Nolan is a professional educator and team building coach, sharing his experience in spheres of  writing, blogging, entrepreneurship and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers and students. Currently, Richard works as a general blog editor for EliteEssayWriters Follow him on Facebook

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Richard Nolan

Richard Nolan is a professional educator and team building coach, sharing his experience in spheres of writing, blogging, entrepreneurship and psychology. Richard writes for numerous blogs and gives useful tips for bloggers and students.

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