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Susmitha Subbaraju held a very special meet-up for vegan children and their families and it was a hit! Vegan First sat down with Susmitha to find what inspired her to host this event at her restaurant, Carrots. We hope more restaurants are motivated to have these lovely meet-ups; not only to have fun but also to connect with the vegan community locally.

VF: What inspired you to host a vegan kid’s meet-up?
I have noticed a couple of families with their kids, who are regulars here at Carrots. It’s nice to see that either one or both parents being vegan has influenced their kids to become one too. These families mentioned how their kids don’t know other vegan children and that it would be a nice for them experience others who share similar lifestyles. That got me thinking, since I know all of them, why not do a little meet-up so that they can interact, connect and be a support for each other. We decided to invite a mix of vegan parents with their kids and those who wanted their kids to adopt the lifestyle – transitioning little vegans.


VF: How was the response to the event?
It was fantastic, about 12 parents with their kids turned up, so it was quite a nice gathering for our first event.  It was also so nice to hear that when the parents mentioned Carrots, the kids were eager to come. The kids were very excited to meet others just like them.


VF: What was the menu for the day and what did the kids love?
We made mini pizzas, mini burgers, and strawberry cupcakes. I supposed the strawberry cupcakes ended up being the favourite. Each kid had their own personal favourites though! We wanted to make it even more special, so all the kids ate on the house.


VF: At what age do you feel kids start to understand the concept of being vegan?
We had various age groups - the tiniest one was about 2, so he didn’t really understand. The 4 to 6 age group fairly understood what vegan is all about. The older kids, 10 and above, were conscious of the whole concept but still adapting.  Surprisingly, because he is so young,  the most aware of all of them was a 4-year-old! He is super aware and talks to people about it, he’s adorable. In fact, if you drink milk in front of him, he’ll lecture you about why you shouldn’t!  I would say after 4 they become quite aware and can adapt to the change in lifestyle.

VF: Do kids like being vegan?
It is very personal to each kid. Those who have gone vegan are very happy and talk to other kids about being one. Some kids aren’t a 100% vegan yet, but they are aware, and the parents play a big role in telling them about it. At traditional social gatherings, where they see other non-vegan children, that is probably where it becomes a little difficult. That’s why we had this event, like a party where everything is vegan and there were no restrictions, just a sense of being a care free kid.


Team Carrots, on the right: Chef Susmitha

VF: Is there a strong support group for vegan parents?
There isn't a public group in Bangalore, but there is one online for the whole vegan Indian community called Raising Vegan Babies. It was started by a few Indians but now has become global. However, we do have a private group called Bangalore Vegan Parents, those interested will have to write in to us at Actually, this event helped connect the parents in such a way that they can now form their own group.

VF: Will you be doing this meet-up on a regular basis?
We want to, but nothing is decided as of now. The parents have all expressed how much they loved the event and want to do it again. We would definitely like to do it in the near future but haven’t fixed anything as yet.


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