Forbes says that Meat consumption in India could lead to a Crisis

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Recently Forbes published an article stating that India’s increased meat consumption could very well be impacting us all. In the article, they go on to say that India has always been known to be predominantly vegetarian but that has changed in recent years. A survey released by the registrar of India, suggests 71% of the population, over the age of 15 are non-vegetarian.

Let’s just sit with that information for a few minutes. 
It’s a staggering 71% of the population - which is expected to rise even further. This is shocking considering this country was always known to have one of the biggest vegetarian populations in the world. The Forbes article then goes on to say that this rise in consumption is due to a desire to eat meat, and what we can presume is the biggest factor - the availability of meat.

As we all know, the resources to obtain a single kilo of meat is much higher than that of plant-based protein. The figures from the article say that -  It takes over 8,000 liters of water to produce 1 kg of mutton and 4000 liters for 1 kg of chicken. So indeed, when you look at those numbers and see one of the world’s largest population’s steady increase of meat intake, the natural conclusion is that it would impact us all. Let's not, however, forget that this is a recent phenomenon in India. Many other countries have for centuries consumed meat on a much higher level. When it comes to the big issues such as animal cruelty, climate change or even resource distribution, the blame is on all of us and not just on one country’s consumption.  

On a positive note, the consumption of meat may be on the rise, but so are vegan businesses, alternatives, restaurants, activists and various NGOs. So let’s look on the brighter side and find a way to impact one person who in turn can pay it forward. 

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