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Freedom Stories on this 70th Independence Day

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We know independence has not come easily to our country, which is why it is still celebrated with so much happiness and patriotism. But while we enjoy the independence bestowed upon us, we’re also fighting for the voiceless. For the ones who are the most abused today, the ones who are also the most helpless beings. Animals.

Here are some heartwarming stories of rescued animals, who are leading beautiful lives of freedom and independence all thanks to the help of these passional NGOs and indivduals.


1. The mighty rescue of 85 animals from a single village!

Image Courtesy Arunachala Animal Sanctuary

The Arunachala Animal Sanctuary and Rescue Center recently embarked on a mission to save 85 animals left to die in a small village called Mathura Arasanoor, in Tamil Nadu. Cows, sheep, pigs, buffalo, goats. With four really huge lorries, they had to lift up most of the animals and transport them to safe houses. The animals resisted and it was quite a difficult task for the staff. The main hurdle was getting the pigs into the cages since they kept running all over the place. And not to forget, heavy to carry as well.

Since they were left to die with very little food, they were all in bad shape.

They were put in good sheds as per their needs, and also fed food and water. Today, they’re in amazing shape and leading happy lives, all thanks to the wonderful work done by a few selfless people who worked day in and out to rehabilitate these lovely animals.


2. “If I can rescue a dog, why shouldn’t I rescue a cow too?”

Image Courtesy Sunita Christy

Sunita Christy, a gutsy rescuer from Chennai has rescued several animals all her life. Even having faced severe problems in her life, her dedication to animals has not been compromised even a single time, even if it means she skips meals to buy medicines for her animal family.

  • Romeo & Juliet: these donkeys were once working for a Dhobi, who had overloaded their backs. Ultimately they collapsed on the road unable to carry the weight. Sunita fought for them and brought them back to her place. Today, they are much better and running around happily.

  • Manasi: This beautiful cow was being auctioned by a lady to a butcher. Sunita overheard the conversation and promised the lady to buy the cow and not sell it to the butcher. She had no money, though. But she managed to raise funds for the cow on Facebook, and successfully bought the cow and kept her alive and happy till date.

Image Courtesy Sunita Christy

  • Ajith: This friendly goat was found unattended and sick, in the meat market, simply with no knowledge as to when he will be butchered next. Sunita quickly rescued him, and he’s been living a wonderful life since then!

  • Tina: When Sunita was once travelling, she was stopped on a road by a horrific sight. A mother pig, and her 11 kids. Both the mom and 10 of the kids were killed. Only one pig was struggling for life, she was a fighter. Today, Tina has blossomed into a beautiful pig and is co-existing with many other animals, under Sunita’s selfless care.


3.. Meet Mr Manku Roy!

Image Courtesy Anand Siva

Found chained and tortured in a tiny chai shop, this monkey was seized by Mr Anand Siva, who fostered this extremely friendly baby boy for a week until the forest officials picked him up and released into the jungle, where he truly belongs.


4.  Rabbits - The most abandoned pet!

Image Courtesy Rutu Dave

They’re ridiculously cute, hence also the most bought animal, but also left to be abandoned. Dropped off at a park without any care if they’d survive, Rutu Dave picked the rabbit up and took him home. Today, Jugnu lives a blissful life of safety with Rutu!


5. Snakes, kites, and even a FOX! Can you believe it?

Image Courtesy Lynette D'Souza


Lynette D’souza, an avid animal lover has rescued over 700 snakes just in and around Borivali! She’s also been an active part of rescuing turtles, owls, peacocks and even a fox!


6. This pony is a true “Survivor”

Image Courtesy Sambhava

Sambhava, Mr Sandesh’s NGO first found this pony who was electrocuted, almost dead. But with tender care and medication, he pulled through and that’s why he’s been bestowed with the name “Survivor”!

Based in Bengaluru, Sandesh’s NGO has rescued over 50 old, abandoned, injured horses!


7. Fly away to freedom, little birdies!

Image Courtesy Harsh Shah

Harsh Shah, who runs Bird Helpline in Mumbai, houses over a 1000 injured/rescued birds at their shelter at any given point of time. Available on call, they rush to the rescue and make sure the bird is freed and given the independence they deserve.

Apart from that, he’s also rescued cows, goats, dogs and cats too!


Hats off to these amazing individuals for truly believing in the independence of all beings, humans and others!


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