Man Versus Might - Are We Still The Most Intelligent Species?

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"Every being deserves a full and complete existence, irrespective of the species." Mohanji talks about what he holds very dearly to his heart and that is equality for every being that's on our blue planet.

I will never understand in this lifetime, how anyone can own, use or abuse the body of another being. Every incarnation has a purpose. Every soul has taken a particular body for that particular experience.

Just like we are experiencing being human, a soul in a cow’s body is experiencing being a cow. Same is with a dog, cat, a pig, giraffe, a lion, an elephant, an ant, a rat, a tortoise, a rabbit, a millipede, a centipede, a fish, a bee, a snail, a snake, an eagle, a vulture, or a sparrow. The soul is experiencing earth through varieties of bodies.

Nobody can be considered as superior or inferior as experiences through each body are relevant for that soul. Hence the concept of owning, killing, using body parts of other beings is totally alien, strange and unacceptable to me.  


A mother and child of any species should be naturally together as long as it takes. How can man disturb this law of nature through artificial breeding, captive breeding and isolating the children from their mothers? How can we put a price on the body part of another being? Every body part is indeed priceless to every being. Humans weigh the body parts of other beings on weighing machines, decide a price and sell them for consumption, with zero gratitude or sensitivity towards the other beings.

Every being deserves a full and complete existence, irrespective of the species. Because of our seeming higher intelligence, we humans have created and reinforced protection for ourselves. But, higher intelligence should not be for higher selfishness. Other beings were never our ornament, entertainment or food which we can use and discard as per our convenience.

They have equal rights on Earth as we do. They have the right to experience life as equal to ours. They have the right to live similar to us. Most species are totally natural, unlike us. They eat only when hungry and they never disturb or contribute towards the destruction of the environment. but, we the more intelligent species somehow do.

I always feel shocked when people order food, which are body parts or dead body of beings killed by humans. Imagine if there was still cannibalism and human body parts were sold and eaten by other humans or other beings perhaps, which have more might than us! I feel the same with a calf, a cow, a lamb, a fowl or fish. All are beings who want to live a free and full life, which was cut short by human greed or so called intellectual supremacy.


Higher intellect has given us technological advance and advantage. Some of it is used for faster execution of sentient beings. Some of them are used for faster execution of human beings. Superior intellect has bred greed. Greed has made numerous killing machines. Higher technology has created faster annihilation machines. Technology has bred insensitivity.

Sensitivity, sensibility, compassion and kindness should become key ingredients for our education system.

Consumption of dead bodies should be done with awareness, and still better, should not be consumed at all. Whenever you unconsciously order for body parts of other beings, think for a moment. If somebody told you, “Hey, I own your body. I can use your body as I like. I can even disintegrate it and consume it. I can kill you whenever I feel like!” Or “I feed you because I shall later kill you for your flesh” How will you feel?

The same suffering is experienced by every dairy animal and farm animal who knows for certain that they are fed and fattened to be assassinated for human consumption. They are like death row inmates, awaiting assassination. It is a terrible feeling.

Isolation, captivity, choicelessness, helplessness are all terrible feelings. It is even more terrible when a mother realises that she cannot protect or save her children. Just imagine the helplessness a mother pig would have experienced when a suckling piglet was snatched away from her teat and killed for the pleasure of human tongue?

Veal is the child of a cow. Lamb is the child of a goat. So many mothers are shedding tears on this very earth that we walk, as we speak, because of us. It is the same plight and agony when a mother sees her child being cut open totally conscious and alive in a laboratory by scientists to test medicines on them. They try their best to protect their off springs. But, most animals lose the battle to human technology. Sheer helplessness! Think about it.


Who can change this? Only us. How can we change it? By totally rejecting products of cruelty and bloodshed. By stopping consumption. No demand means no supply. We have no right on another body, anybody’s body for that matter, mind or intellect. Everyone was born free. It is human greed that is controlling, confining and destroying other beings.

Massacre that is happening in the name of conservation, canned hunting conducted by the trigger happy sadists, dairy disasters and poultry cruelties should be completely eradicated through law to call ourselves a civilized society.

Humans do not need the body parts of another being for survival but they do need their whole body intact for living a normal life. Carnivorous beings are the real conservation tools of nature. They balance ecology. It needs no human intervention. Let us not fool ourselves and buy the idea that humans through their superior intellect are conserving nature through hunting beings roaming free in the forest. We are only destroying things.

Bottom line is – we have no right on any other body. We should stay clear of all these atrocities. We should definitely refrain from violence. NON-VIOLENCE should be our RELIGION, in thought, word and action.


Sri Mohanji

A philanthropist, a guide, a spiritual teacher, a friend. Mohanji's contribution to the world knows no bounds. His fondness for animals and passion for veganism has influenced many people globally. He says, "Ahimsa (non-violence) is my religion."

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