Milk Is Unhealthy. Here's Why!

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Since we were kids, we've always been told that Milk is the ultimate nutritional drink. Good for the bones, protein needs and other nutrients. Given these strong beliefs, it’s difficult to unravel the truth and the facts that might reveal why milk is not as healthy as we always thought! Here are some of those shocking reasons!

Did you know that India is the largest producer of milk in the world? But that’s not because of the healthy factor, it’s more to do with the business aspect of it! Most of the advertisements and reports on why milk is good for us lies in the vested interests of people who support this industry. Given this situation, it’s difficult to unravel the truth and the facts that might reveal why milk is not as healthy as we always thought! Here are some of those!


1. Milk Actually Depletes The Calcium From The Bones!

Due to the excess amount of protein intake through animal sources, the pH level in our body increases (as it becomes more acidic) and this leads to a biological reaction! Now, the calcium stored within our body is used to neutralize the acid in the system, it gets extracted from the bones to level out the reaction which it eventually leaves the body through urine. So technically it CAN weaken our bones!


2. There Is MUCH More To Milk Than Protein And Calcium.

There is a reason why the sole purpose of cow milk is to feed its calf. It has all the essential stuff that the baby calf needs. It is loaded with lipids, protein, sodium, fat, cholesterol and all that the calf needs as nourishment. Also, the modern techniques of pasteurization & homogenization of milk reduces the amount of necessary vitamin and nutrients. In the process of milk extraction, cows are injected with antibiotics and Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) which increases the risk of breast and prostate cancer in humans.



3. Increase In The Level Of Cholesterol!

Dairy products are high in saturated fat which means the cholesterol levels in our body would increase exponentially in the case of high consumption of milk. As we know, increased level of blood cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Also, trans-fat present in animal milk leads to another type of heart-related diseases depending on what milk is being consumed.


4. The Pus Content In Milk!

In the process of milk retrieval, the udders of the cows are hooked to electronic milking machines for long hours, due to this the cows suffer electric shocks once in awhile but what is a major concern is this also leads to Mastitis. Mastitis is a fatal mammary gland infection in which there is a sort of inflammation under the tissues. Hence, the inflammatory cells from that pus which then inevitably enters the milk that has been produced.



5. The Overall Impact On Insulin!

Milk is a natural insulinogenic which means that it promotes the release of insulin in the body! This is because of the simple sugar content it contains. This simple sugar - lactose leads to an insulin spike in the body. As Insulin is a hormone used to transfer glucose into the body to increase energy, a sudden spike due to consumption of milk may not have very long lasting effects thus meddles with the regularity of the sugar levels in the body depending on the time the milk is had.


6. It Does Cause A Few Digestive problems!

Lactose intolerance is the inability of the body to digest lactose. Along with that milk can also cause several other digestive problems like bloatingconstipation and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). It is because the body has difficulty digesting casein, which is a protein present in animal milk which further gets into the bloodstream instead of digesting! A digestive system problem starts affecting the face resulting in acne and blisters inside the mouth too!



Making an effort to ditch dairy is worth it to be one step closer to leading a healthier life!



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