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Mohanji Explains: 10 Simple Truths about our Dynamic with Animals

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In a world where we are constantly on the go and stuck in a routine, it is often hard to break away and think deeply on our dynamics with the world around us. That’s why it’s important to read and explore teachings from spiritual masters, who can unlock certain ideas or concepts you may not have thought about before. Today we bring you 10 such quotes from Brahmarishi Mohanji, that talks about our relationship not only with animals but with mother earth.



1. The Earth has perfect symmetry and balance. Animals never kill for pleasure or fun. Animals only do things for a purpose and it is man who has destroyed the ecological balance. When we kill tigers and lions, the deer population grows. When we kill deer, lions and tigers starve… so on and so forth. And the deer, as well as the lion, know their interdependence. A deer is never afraid of a well-fed lion. A satisfied lion never bothers a deer even if it sleeps next to him. And the law of nature is symmetrical. No animal mates for pleasure. Their life is always purpose-bound. They eat for sustaining their body and procreate to sustain the species. Simple. Then, how can we say that we kill so that we preserve the ecological balance? Do we have the kind of macro vision like that of Mother Nature? Hence, these kinds of claims should be immediately discarded and the hunters should be taken to task.


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2. Creation comes with responsibility. Destruction amounts to irresponsibility. Destruction of materials and life alike are clear signs of misuse of power at hand. Man has failed miserably to act responsibly. His emotional nature and his greed have damaged his very abode – the earth. The biggest damage of all is the lost trust between species. Man has become totally isolated. No other species trusts man. There is no trust between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. There is already a split on earth. This has happened because generation after generation, we have captured, tortured and killed beings of other species, as if they were war criminals. We have wiped out many a species as well. We are still doing the same as I write this.



3. A deer understands and appreciates the hunger of a lion. And one from the clan may even sacrifice its life to save the rest and honour the species harmony. A lion does not kill for pleasure. Hence, there is predictability which the other species understands. While in the case of humans, we kill, capture, torture and mutilate animals for the sake of our sadistic pleasures. Canned hunting and human-controlled species protection using advanced machinery to reduce animal populations are all signs of our lack of conscience.


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4. When animals began being treated as food materials, bred, raised and killed for the sake of human taste buds, we lost grip on our own conscience. We lost our grip on ourselves. When we kill any being, when we deny the right of existence or shared space towards any being, we are committing a breach of trust.



5. We torture and kill our fellow beings. We bind them and imprison them for our pleasure. We teach our children that it is fine to see a monkey in a zoo. It is fine to keep animals in cages for our pleasure.



6. We skin them alive because we love to wear their skin.We are so insensitive so that we never feel other’s pain or agony. But, we certainly complain if we have a small injury. Understand – The same soul operates in all. We should feel. We definitely should feel. There is no point in being emotional about it. There is no point in reading and forgetting it. If you cannot help it, at least spread the awareness. Remind people of our true nature – WE ARE LOVE INCARNATES.


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7. We talk and preach about God. How can we reach God when we cannot even see God in every being? The soul element of every being is God. When the soul element leaves, we call it a dead body.We have to see God in all creatures and respect that. When we start looking at all beings as expressions of the Almighty, can we hurt any being at all? All beings collectively become the true expression of the Universe. Who gave us the authority to live the way we want and hurt every other being in one way or the other?



8. We have no authority to kill or torture any beings, as they also are true expressions of the Almighty.


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9. A new mother is slaughtered because the meat industry had committed supplies. So, the whole circle of profits and unconscious insensitivity destroys the fabric of subtlety. This is one of the tragedies of human existence.



10. Maybe your voice is singular and could get dissolved in the ocean of voices of this world. But, the energy that traveled with your voice can never die or decay. It will come together with similar voices and make a change in the system, sooner or later. Hence, voice the expression. Animals are not made to feed us or entertain us.

We'd love to hear your thoughts about these quotes and the concept of unconditional love and compassion for all. Please do comment in the sections below!

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