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Not all Animal Lovers are Vegan

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Vegans are always stereotyped as emotional wrecks who give up on all of life’s pleasures for animals. I, on the other hand, speak as a person who doesn’t care two hoots about animals to run towards a puppy and cuddle it but I am a 100% Vegan and stay away from animals in every way, DOA!

Do I hear a why? Well here’s why.

1. Self - love

I care about myself, so what I eat and use in my daily life cannot come from a dead carcass. It’s disgusting, and while it might taste good it's the flesh, blood and excretion of another living being. Sick!


2. Practicality > Empathy

Being practical, I understand that if I want no harm done to me- mental or physical I wouldn’t want to put another person through the same. These animals go through immense torture and even rape sometimes to get on our plates. Now that is pathetic and nobody needs empathy or a big heart to understand that. Also, a vegan diet is way healthier than a meat-laden one.


3. To Live and let live

Neither would I run to cuddle a dog, nor would I harm it. I’ll just walk away, and if the poor chap is thirsty, I'll pour him some water. That's not an ‘Animal Lovers’ act, that’s what the complex human brain can process by itself.

4. To be healthy

Meaty diets are the highest in cholesterol, fats and hormones; being the highest contributor to heart disease, diabetes and many more diseases. Who would want to fall sick?

5. For the environment

The biggest cause of climate change is animal farming, and the most effective solution is to stop eating meat and consuming milk collectively. If not, we’re going to perish in worse ways than animals do at slaughterhouses. (Believe it or not)

6. I'm a realist

Honey comes from bees, and those chaps pollinate over 70% of our food. If they go extinct (which they already are btw!) we’ll be straight up dead in less than 4 years time.

So there we go, you only have to be self-loving and concerned about your own health and future to be vegan. When it comes to vegan substitutes, it’s simple demand and supply; which is also growing by the minute. Mock meats and fish, egg replacers, vegan restaurants, clothes and accessories are now a click away so that simply sums up every reason to make that switch and be selfish!


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Lorraine Fonseca

Lorraine is a warrior for the animals, a stand-up comedy bug, writing enthusiast and raw food cook!

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