Q & A: Is Honey Vegan Friendly?

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The simple answer is NO!

The more complicated answer to this question lies in how one defines Veganism. Here at Vegan First, we believe that veganism is the exclusion of all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to animals for any purpose; food, clothing or otherwise. Therefore, honey simply isn’t vegan.

Apart from the above reasoning, there is a preconceived notion that honey is made for our consumption and has no bearing on the bee; which is why it’s commonly mistaken as a vegan-friendly food. The truth is that honey is the single source of food of the honeybee and its hive. Making it essential for the well-being of the hive and its species. Again, honey simply isn’t vegan.

Who needs honey anyways, there are so many fantastic substitutes if you’re craving that sugary sweetness. Our favourite is Maple syrup, but just as good are date syrup, golden syrup, agave nectar and molasses. So the next time you need some honey for your earl grey, grab some of these subs instead!


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