Q&A: Is Petroleum Jelly Vegan?!

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Petroleum jelly can be found in most beauty products and you might be wondering just what it is and whether it is vegan. Well, if you are a vegan for environmental reasons, then petroleum jelly just isn’t for you as it’s made from oil. On a very simplistic level, it is vegan, as it doesn’t contain any direct animal products. Additionally, most companies nowadays don’t use bone char anymore for petroleum jelly production.

However, there are certain brands like Unilever’s infamous Vaseline that aren’t vegan simply because the company tests on animals and anything that they produce are therefore tainted. As an alternative, we suggest Lush’s Ultra Balm that can be bought online or in their shops across India.

Petroleum jelly is a great moisturiser for chapped lips and works wonders on cracked, uncared for feet. The reason most people use petroleum jelly is for intense care on dry or damaged skin. If that’s the case then homemade and natural substitutes work just as well. Coconut Oil, Carnauba wax (made from plants) and even aloe vera.

If you desperately need a foot crème and have been using Vaseline, put that tub down and pick up the ‘choco-latte not just another foot cream’ by Plum cosmetics.


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