Tambrahm Parents react to their Daughter Turning vegan. AYYAYOO!

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When it’s an Indian family, there’s always drama unlimited. With a tam-brahm family, there’s no need to even ask. It’s quite evident where tamil serials get their scripts from: straight out of tamil households!

Now imagine the scene when one goes home to break the news to their family: I’VE GONE VEGAN.



1. WHAT? No more curd rice?!


You can say no to vegetables also, but you cannot say no to curd rice. Others have blood running in their veins, tambrahms have curd rice.

But no amma, I can have peanut or soy curd too

2) If you don't drink filter coffee in the morning, what am I supposed to make? Bhagavane!


When someone tries to talk to me before my morning coffee. Via GIphy


Tambrahm households begin life very early in the morning. But the day actually doesn’t start until they’ve downed the first cup of piping hot filter coffee, while suprabhatam plays in the background.

But no amma, I can have soy milk filter coffee also no?


3) Rasam saadam without ghee? Cheeeeee!



There is so much emotion behind that one drop of ghee on rasam rice. It’s not complete without it, and they can’t sleep in peace unless you’ve consumed that combination.

But no amma, we can make vegan ghee at home only!


4) Next month is Shruthi’s wedding. It will be so insulting if you waste the payasam. Little bit only no, kanna?




You cannot escape weddings, since most tambrahm families are so large by default. Not to worry, there will always be people carefully watching you while you eat. Ugh!

But no amma, I can just tell the guy not to serve me the payasam no?


5) But what about Deepavali? You won’t eat the ghee sweets I sit and make for over 8 hours?


Deepavali (Diwali) is the biggest festival and hours of labour goes into making sweets that are mostly slathered with ghee or butter. Melodramatic music can begin right away if you plan to say no to those sweets now!

But no amma, we can make some amazing vegan sweets together for all festivals!


6) Sigh. I was going to give you all my silk sarees but.



If you haven’t worn silk sarees in your life, are you even a south indian?

It does not matter what type of culture you belong to. Live as cruelty free as possible. And for those of you who already are winning at this lifestyle, kudos to you!


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