The REAL Reason Why Vegans Last Longer In Bed! (Scientifically Proven!)

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Ever since PETA launched its advertisement which claims that Vegans last longer in bed, there has been a furor about it. But its claims are not without proof. Here are 5 quickies backed up scientifically which will get you into the mood!

1. Bye-Bye Erectile Dysfunction!

The high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol present in meat cause blockages in arteries which reduces blood flow to our vital organs.Your man part, full of arteries is the last place you’d want to have blocked. Serious though, “Cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet is a great way to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure naturally and help get your equipment back in working condition,” according to People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

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2. More Stamina & Energy In Bed!

A plant based diet gives you more energy because of its reduced digestion time. According to a study published in the “British Journal of Nutrition” in 1981, vegetarians digest food 24 hours faster than non-vegetarians. This leads to more energy being available to the body at any given time in comparison to a non-vegetarian.

It is also known that various chemical compounds are found in plants which enhance erections (Read: Viagra). For example, bananas that are high in potassium helps in the production of the sex hormone and boosts energy. A 2011 study found that an amino acid found in watermelon, called citrulline, increases blood flow to erectile tissue.

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3. Better Tasting Semen!

Nobody likes nasty tasting fluids and red meat makes semen taste salty. Eating a plant based diet high in fruit servings gives semen a sweeter taste. Vitamin C and Zinc are two of the components found in semen and eating fresh fruits enhances their quantity in your love juice. According to a study done by the website Pork and Gin, pineapples counteract the acidic taste in semen and give it a better flavour. When asked to give her opinion on semen tastes, Annie Sprinkle, an adult film star revealed that vegetarians taste the best! TMI maybe?

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4. Increases Natural Lubrication!

Women do not worry because it makes your sex life a steamy and a smooth one! Foods such as sunflower seeds and raw pumpkin are high in omega 3 fatty acids which keep your honey pot lubricated naturally. Now you won’t have to reach for the lube because you won’t have a single moment of dryness.

Apart from this, food with high water content such as cucumbers, watermelons and cantaloupes provide your skin with hydration which evens out wrinkles and gives you a radiant glow.

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5. Happier Mood = Better Sex

Grumpy individuals turn nobody on. Serotonin, which is also known as the happy chemical, is found in many fruits and veggies. Making them the central focus of your diet can lead to a desire to have more sex. A diet where meat is in the spotlight leads to higher levels of arachidonic acid, which disturbs the mood. According to a 2012 study published in the Nutrition Journal, people who consume less meat have much lower stress levels.

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A vegan lifestyle gives you better energy, stamina and an overall much more satisfying sexual experience which contribute to a happier sex life. So when the dark knight rises again, it shall emerge victorious out of the pit.

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