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Top 5 Nutrition tips for Healthy Kids

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iPods, Xboxes and all those lethargy enabling devices, coupled with a poor diet and picky eaters means just one thing - unhealthy kids. Nutrition for children is of vital importance for parents to have a good grasp of.  In case you don’t know where to start, we’re offering simple solutions to not only teach your kids but to also implement a better nutrition routine so that you can grow stronger, healthier and more awesome kids.

1. Check the labels


Always read the labels on cereal boxes, snacks and even kid's vitamins and supplements. Make sure the sugars are low; you’ll be surprised to see just how much sugar is in those products. Turn this chore into a game when you head to the grocery store by asking your child to pick a box and show him/her just what’s in it and explaining to them why it’s bad or good for them. Then opt for alternatives that are natural, low on sugar and if possible made from scratch. Soon enough your kids will be coming to you with unhealthy ingredients they find on the packaging, which will get them and you thinking about what they consume.

2. How to sneak some mega omegas in your child’s diet, you ask?

As many of you know, Omega 3 DHA is a structural component of the brain, eyes and heart that helps with the development and functionality of these vital organs. It supports the nervous system and is crucial for cognitive development and contributes towards various functions during the growth of a child. Therefore, lack of DHA would result in a sub-optimal brain and eye development of the child.

It’s not easy to get the recommended amounts of DHA for your child especially if they're not on a healthy diet. Plus, if you’re a vegan it’s even harder to find a supplement that doesn’t contain fish oil and let’s face it there's only a small percentage of kids who even look at fish.  So what should you do? Coming to the rescue is Unived’s OVEGHA DHA Kids which comes in a liquid form and contains Omega 3 DHA. The orange flavour is subtle and can be mixed into your smoothies. Which makes it super easy and yum without your kids knowing you've snuck in a supplement.

3. If you can’t fight them join them


As many mothers know, some kids are just picky when it comes to things like food, clothes, games, studies – you name it. In this scenario, you have to give up the struggle and find ways to incorporate supplements into their diet.

One of the most important vitamins for a child’s growth is Vitamin D - most of us get this naturally from the sun. However, with our hectic schedules, kids don’t often get the time to play in the sun, making vitamin D deficiency a prevalent problem today. Luckily Unived’s  OVEGHA D3 Kids is the perfect solution. It completes the recommended daily allowance of D3 for a healthy growing child. It’s also sugar-free and comes in a liquid form that can be put into any of their favourite beverages. Sneak it into a fresh juice or shake and voila, you’ve just levelled up on the parenting scoreboard and your kid has gotten his vitamin D without a tantrum. As with all Unived products, it is a 100% vegan and based on research.

4. Make food fun, but power packed


Any successful chef will tell you, it’s not just the food but the presentation that counts too. That couldn’t be truer when it comes to young kids. For example, don’t just serve up fruit in a bowl; present it in the shape of a flower or animals, so that it excites kids to eat them fresh and bursting with nutrients.

Better yet, make some summer popsicles with fresh juice and a dose of Unived’s OVEGHA 3 DHA. Not only will it taste amazing, but it’s all natural and delivers on the nutrient front too.


5. Make your own


When it comes to getting the most nutrients out of your produce, keeping things home-made is essential. Start involving your child in the kitchen from a young age. Ask them to help you make their breakfast smoothies in the morning. The whole process of creating their own food means that you can add in all the veggies and fruits they need without them feeling like they’re forced to eat it. Plus it’ll be a fun bonding exercise and get them more involved in making conscious food decisions.

When it comes to getting your kids to eat right, it might seem like an uphill battle, but it needn’t be. Just follow these tips and go with your intuition, only you know what works best for your child.

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