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Every year, the Pune Vegan Fest gets bigger and better, with more brands, NGOs, cruelty-free manufacturers and animal rights activists all taking part. This year was no exception. The two-day event was a great opportunity not only for vegans in Pune (and even Mumbai) to explore their options, but also a chance for vegan brands to network and get to know each other. We caught up with the vendors to give you an exclusive look at the people behind their fantastic vegan companies.


It's lovely to see that every year there are new vegan companies added to the ranks, which is a testament to just how rapidly veganism is expanding in India. The success of any vegan event is in spreading the cruelty-free, compassion for all and animal rights message. As we know the smallest of change has a massive rippling effect and we hope events like the Pune Vegan Fest touched all those who visited.

Big thank you goes to the Aruna Kapoor and the Pune Vegan Fest team, who were responsible for organising the Pune Vegan Fest.

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