You Need To Go Vegan NOW! Here Are Top 11 Reasons Why!

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We can hardly think of any cons about why you shouldn’t turn vegan. There is a meagre sacrifice to be made, there is a lot more to discover and there is a chance that you’ll be only happier when you turn vegan. Yes, it sure sounds like a lot of limitations has been pushed on you, but slowly those lines fade away and you understand this deeply and feel like naturally bringing about these changes. So here are our top 11 reasons to go vegan!

1. Show love to animals rightly!

What can be a better way to show what you really feel for the animals, by just leaving them alone. When you are not consuming them or anything that comes from them, you’re indirectly not harming them. If you want to help them survive and live a life, you cannot be selfish to use them for your purposes, instead, we should all live in harmony.

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2. Increase Cholesterol = Increased chances of Heart-Related diseases.

Cholesterol is highest in meats, milk and thus an overdose of consumption of this will only lead to more chances of heart-related diseases. Not only that, having a lot of milk will result in more than necessary calcium sedimenting into our bones leading to bone related diseases too. Staying away from saturated fats means warding off an evil that would definitely kill you in the long run.

3. Milk Was Never Meant For US!

Milk from cows was not made for human consumption. It is produced for the cow’s baby, the calf. This can be compared to the human babies who are breastfed for a few months when the mother is lactating. There are certain nutrients in it made only for the cow’s calf or human baby. That milk is made for us. When you consume milk that comes from cows, you are not only having something unnatural, you are also putting the cow through a lot of pain with permanent fixtures attached to their bodies to give us humans milk. Clearly, the cow is not your mother and so the milk is not yours either.

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4. The Biggest Reason for environmental hazards today is Animal Agriculture!

Expansion of land for breeding cattle means deforestation to make more space. With the rate at which this expansion is taking place, a lot more naturally green land will be converted into fields where animals are grown for human purposes. This is like digging your own grave.

The cattle also produce methane which is much more potent than carbon dioxide. It is one of the major contributors towards greenhouse gases which leads to global warming that is hovering over planet Earth like an axe hanging in the hair!

To know more about this phenomenon watch Cowspiracy.

5. Tastier And Healthier Recipes!

Whoever said becoming a vegan is tough because you have to give up on your favourite foods! That’s a sheer lie considering the number of scrumptious recipes that are created. From vegan cheese pizza, yummylicious cake to meatless meat, there is nothing that cannot be made using vegan products only. You’ll be surprised to know that there are certain things that taste better and also are guilt free. Read this section for more surprises!

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6. It’s Not a fad, it’s a sustainable lifestyle!

Another reason, becoming a vegan isn’t a sacrifice or a fad, it’s becuase it is a lifestyle change. From switching to no animal-tested cosmetics to no leather or fur products or no food that comes from an animal, this is a lifestyle which believes that humans should live harmoniously with the other creatures in the world and while doing that remain happy and not consider this to be a short term sacrifice. You’ll manage to save some money too by switching, dairy, cheese and chicken definitely cost more than vegetables and nuts.

7. Easiest way to look slim, trim and sexy!

Yes, a lot of different studies say that on an average it’s much easier for someone on a vegan diet to reduce weight than a meat eating person. Because in this case, you’re avoiding milk which has a lot of saturated fat and meat have a large amount of cholesterol which also makes you more lethargic and less energetic. Also, along with being fit you are also one hell of a compassionate person, everyone loves that cherry on top, right?

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8. For Better Sex!

An increased level of energy, good smelling partner with a high sex drive seems like what most people are looking for in other person they are attracted to. Soy helps in keeping the vagina lubricated in a healthy manner and it also favours a good prostate health. There is definitely more energy as compared to a meat eater who becomes sluggish because of all the fats. Even a man’s semen tastes sweeter because of high consumption of veggies and fruits unlike red meat which makes semen taste salty.

9. YOU Can End World Hunger!

Yes, you can contribute to ending world hunger by turning vegan. As statistics state almost 60-70% of grains that are grown in the USA is used to feed the cattle who are later slaughtered for their meat and other body parts for the consumption of humans. If this same grains was instead available freely in the market or exported to other countries,  this would lead to a positive trade balance, it would also help feed all those people who die of hunger!

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10. Learn How To Live In A Community!

As, it’s a growing community, every vegan associates themselves with fellow vegans so that their resistance towards distracting things is more. Living around people who think in a particular way that resonates with you results in deeper bonds and a more optimistic environment. Every vegan motivates another vegan thus leading to a better human understanding, moving towards the same goal of clean living.

11. Live Longer!

Besides all the diseases that you avoid, from diabetes to heart and bone related diseases, you also clear your conscience over the fact that everything that you are eating or consuming hasn’t harmed any other being that also belongs to the Earth. You feel lighter and more satisfied about your daily habits and thus sleeping becomes more peaceful. Which will result in leading a stress free life!

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