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Your cookware is harming you silently

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Have you ever given a thought to the vessels that you use to cook your food? Here’s what we found out about our cookware and how it, too, can affect one's health.

Most of our household vessels pose major health risks. For example, pots made out of aluminium, the metal is easily leached into the food and can cause neurological diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

Read on to find out more about the health hazards from common cooking utensils. Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect alternative to all these vessels - a safe and healthy cookware that any kitchen savvy person would love to own!

1.The wrath of non-stick utensils


For over 40 years, non-stick and waterproof cookware has been linked to cancer and many other health hazards. The main ingredient responsible for this is Teflon.

If the surface of a Teflon coated pan is scratched or starts to degrade, all those surface chemicals inevitably end up in your food and then consumed by your body. Nowadays, Teflon has also been called 'Granite' by some manufacturers, so watch out!


2. Aluminium is definitely light on the pocket. But heavy on health.

Aluminium is a long-standing popular material used for cooking utensils because it’s a great conductor of heat and inexpensive. Aluminium leaches into the food especially if you’ve used the same pots and pans for eons. Ingested over a period of time it accumulates in the kidneys, brain, lungs, liver, thyroid, and competes with calcium for absorption, thus even affecting the bones.


3. Is Copper proper? Maybe not.

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It’s not uncommon for people to drink water that is stored overnight in copper jugs. This may have had some logic in the past because copper has antimicrobial properties and is toxic to the bacteria that it comes in contact with. However, in that same token it can also harm body cells (remember that the copper T is used as a contraceptive because the copper kills sperm). Copper is toxic to the liver and kidneys. Copper pots should be lined with stainless steel or tin, to protect you from the toxicity of copper. But even a small erosion of the steel coating can lead to the harmful effects of copper seeping into your food while cooking. When dissolved in large amounts, it can even lead to vomiting and diarrhea. Again these increase while cooking acidic foods.

So what do you cook in? Don’t worry there is a solution coming up, keep on reading.

4. Standard Steel cookware.

Although steel is probably one of the safer cookware along with ceramics, glass, clay, and stoneware, low quality steel too, can leach into your food. In addition, being a low conductor of heat, it requires a lot of grease/oil to cook in


5. Iron on fire is a liar!

Iron is very porous therefore oils and left over masala residue (such as turmeric) can actually be seen coming out from the metal in a water boiling test. Iron cannot be eliminated from our body except through blood loss, and so can be particularly harmful to men and post-menopausal women. Most people view iron as a nutrient, and indeed it is. It is also a powerful agent of oxidation in the body. This means that excess iron increases the chances of cancer and can severely damage the heart, arteries, and other organs. In addition, persons with an inherited condition called hemochromatosis, or iron overload disease, can be especially harmed from the iron intake. 

The maintenance of an iron skillet can be quite cumbersome too since it’s a task to remove the rust that forms quite easily.

And now that you have heard about what various cookware can do, what’s the solution?

Safe cookware!

Image courtesy Royal Prestige

Made from one of the highest and safest grades of surgical stainless steel 304, Royal Prestige cookware is non-reactive and backed with a 50-year international warranty!

Dr. Nandita Shah, founder of SHARAN “I recommend Seeba Lifestyles(Royal Prestige) cookware or any Titanium based cookware because it’s the highest grade of steel – surgical steel (304) – that leaves no metallic aftertaste in your food (which essentially means no metal is getting leached into your food). This is the best for our bodies, and it tastes much better too. Water tastes better when you drink from a glass container compared to a steel glass which leaves a hint of metallic taste. When you cook in steel it also leaves a taste. But when you cook in a Titanium based cookware like Seeba Lifestyles (Royal Prestige) you don’t get that taste.” says Dr. Shah

So, here’s your chance to transform the way you cook and take care of yours and your family’s health.

Royal Prestige offers two main products collections - the 5PLY and INNOVE. Both of them consist of a Dutch Oven, a skillet, a sauce pan and a paella pan. This will help you change your kitchen in 4 simple, yet effective ways.

1. Save your energy!

The environment will thank you for this. Royal Prestige's waterless and greaseless method of cooking is 69-78% more efficient than boiling vegetables! That’s a win-win, right?

The vessels are also sturdy and allow for multiple cooktops - gas, induction, or electric cooktops. This makes it a very versatile product to have in your kitchen. Also, it's dishwasher safe.

2. Retain your nutrients

Image Courtesy Royal Prestige

Did you know that a lot of the nutrients from veggies get washed away because of poor quality cookware? With the Royal Prestige, you can retain an average of 73% more nutrients while cooking.

3. Save your precious time!

Image Courtesy Royal Prestige

The 5-layered vessel ensures prompt and even heat distribution that allows the vegetables on top to cook just as well as those at the bottom and makes the cooking process much, much faster than usual.


4) It’s a one-time investment.

 The products might seem a little expensive, but there’s no price you can put on good health, right? It’s a one-time investment, which will last you many years, while also preserving your health.

So, how can you purchase this all-in-one miracle for your kitchen?

It’s simple.

- Book yourself a demo here or call +91 7045 22 33 55

- They cook, you eat. You can taste the difference in the food yourself!

- And then you can proceed to buy what suits your family the best.

What are you waiting for?

Book yourself a demo right away!

Store Address: ThinKitchen, 1st Palmon House, Janta Industries Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Opp. Palladium Mall, Next to Stanley, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai - 400013.



*Special thanks to Dr. Nandita Shah for being a guest editor for this piece

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