Dr Nandita Shah

Dr Nandita Shah is the founder of SHARAN-India. Holistic lifestyle and the right food is her medicine. Several testimonials on diabetes, thyroid and heart disease reversal are credited to her.

It’s not a question of faith. I believe to rid yourself of the problem, remove the root cause. Lifestyle diseases don’t get cured with medicines, simply because diseases don’t originate due to lack of medicines.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts referred to milk as a ‘white poison’ and recommended milk be used strictly as a medicine, not as food. Ayurveda recognizes milk as a mucous forming substance. Today, Ayurvedic doctors are in the same paradigm as the rest of our society. Ayurvedic doctors use many heavy metals in their medications, which are dangerous when absorbed. Milk and ghee prevent the heavy metals from being absorbed by forming a protective mucus lining in the digestive system. But this also prevents essential nutrients in our diet from being absorbed. Ghee also thickens the blood, causes high cholesterol, heart disease and hypertension besides other problems. Know anyone who got well by consuming ghee? I do not.


This is a serious question and I would not answer it without knowing all the details. The only way I could sincerely help is through our consultations https://sharan-india.org/consultation where a form needs to be filled and tests are required. However, here is what I do know. Going vegan or green smoothies does not cause IBS. We have to understand the root cause. Going vegan and green smoothies can cause cleansing reactions which are temporary and do cause minimal discomfort but doesn’t imply the vegan diet and/or green smoothies should be stopped altogether. The problem needs careful analysis and understanding.


To cure diabetes we need to remove the cause of diabetes. The cause of diabetes is not sugar or fruits or carbohydrates. You may know many who have stopped having rice and sugar yet diabetes lingers on. The cause of diabetes is lack of insulin or insulin resistance, which in turn is caused by ‘fat’ in the muscle cells. Since fruit is naturally low in fat and full of fibre there is no restriction! Fruit juice on the other hand is never recommended since it is low on fibre.

You will be surprised or in all probability shocked! All animals on this planet besides humans do not brush their teeth. Yet animals in nature rarely suffer from cavities. This is because they eat the right foods for their species. Nutrition heals. We can take the best care of our teeth and gums by eating the right foods. I do not brush my teeth. I do not recommend brushing but do check your Vitamin D regularly and take supplements if required.