Roshni Sanghvi

Roshni Sanghvi has several professional certifications including - ACE Personal Trainer, ·Shortcut-to-Size by Jim Stoppani and·Gold’s Gym University Certification. She now has experience with working with over 100+ clients many of who all follow her healthy and vegan philosophies.

Unless your nutrition is drastically bad I would not recommend additional supplements irrespective of whether you workout or not. But it is important to understand that supplements are not a magic cure to anything. Taking weight loss tablets will not help you lose one bit of weight unless you workout and eat healthy! There is no need for you to consume omegas or multi vitamins, they have nothing special that servings of veggies/ fruits and healthy fat will not add to your body. As a vegan, if your workout intensity or physical activity is extremely high, the only supplement I would suggest looking into is Vitamin B12.

Because I take in a high carb diet with a lot of veggies and fruits, I get all essential micronutrients, leaving me with minimal cravings. The body craves for certain types of food only because it lacks certain micronutrients contained in that particular food. For example, if you crave chocolates, it’s because the cocoa seeds are loaded with magnesium and the body is actually craving magnesium. Eating a handful of dry fruits loaded with magnesium will help you suppress the cravings for sugar-loaded chocolates.

Cravings no but temptations YES! I  am often tempted to eat a dessert or pizza (all vegan of course) when out with friends or family. I normally have two or three cheat meals per week.

It more than does! From being on a vegetarian, high-protein diet and consuming four scoops of whey protein to not taking any supplements and being 100% vegan, I can say this with experience. I was constantly bloated when taking whey and my digestion was the affected worst. This also left me lethargic and tired most of the time. But once I stopped taking the same, I noticed my digestive system making a quick recovery, my sleep patterns improved and my stamina got stronger. I stayed fresh in spite of a 12-hour work day, was able to consume more veggies and fruits and still stay within my caloric range because of all the calories I was saving from not consuming so much whey and casein. I also started gaining muscle mass to my surprise and losing fat! When you stop taking dairy and meat into your system, your system has less toxins to process and can focus on building and repairing muscle better. You will also feel more fresh and alive with all the fibrous carbs you consume.

I love adding in some empty stomach high intensity cardio for only 20-25 minutes as soon as I wake up two or three times a week. My main weight training regimen is sometime in the mid-afternoon and I spend two days per week for legs and shoulders, and one day each for chest and back.

Fitness is my passion and I work as a transformation coach. While preparing for photoshoots or bikini division competitions, I spend close to two hours in the gym on my personal fitness. Or else if I am just maintaining my physiques it is close to one hour for about five to six days per week.