Dairy-free Shahi Tukda Dessert Recipe

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A decadent and rich, dairy-free Shahi Tukda dessert recipe made with soy milk.


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3 Slices Whole Wheat Bread

500ml Soy of nut milk

50gms Sugar (or to taste)

2 tsp Milk Masala

1 Tsp Corn Flour (mixed with 2 tbsp of soymilk)

1/4 tsp Cardamom and nutmeg (or to taste)

2 tsp Chopped nuts of your choice

2 or 3 drops rose essence

2 tsp Oil for frying bread (optional)

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Shahi Tukda also known as Double ka Meetha, is a dessert from Hyderabad Telangana and is a royal treat to taste buds. The baked or fried toast gives this dessert a lovely flavour. It has a nice flavour of cardamom and saffron and tastes delicious either warm or chilled.

It's a very simple but rich dairy-free dessert where the main ingredients are bread, milk (we used plant based milk) & dry fruits. In this recipe, the bread is shallow fried to reduce the calorie content, but you can just as easily toast the bread.


1 Mix plant based milk, sugar, milk masala, corn flour mixed milk, cardamom & nutmeg powder and bring it to a boil on medium flame.

2 When it starts boiling reduce flame to low and boil until mixture turns thick but pouring consistency. Stir in between to prevent sticking.

3 Turn off the flame. Add the rose essence and let it cool at room temperature.

4  Cut the bread slices diagonally into 2 or 4 pieces, shallow fry them in a pan on low flame till golden brown and crisp. Transfer them to a plate.

5 Arrange the crisp toast pieces in layers on a serving plate. Pour the flavoured milk on the top ensuring the toast pieces are covered and soak up the juice.

6 Garnish with chopped dry fruits and nuts before serving.

Devour the Yummy dairy-free  Shahi Tukda dessert




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