Desi Ghee without Milk? WOW!

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Vegan desi ghee may sound like a new concept, but can be easily made at home without searching for any substitutions. No Indian cooking is complete with the addition of ghee, and this is where vegan desi ghee comes into play.


Prep Time

5 min

Cook Time

10 min

Total Time

15 min


Guava Leaves: 2 tender ones

Turmeric Powder: A Small Pinch

Coconut oil: 1/2 Cup

Curry leaves (Kadhi Patta): 5-6 Fresh Ones

Salt To Taste

A few months ago a friend threw a challenge at me: make vegan desi ghee. I simply laughed it off.  No idea how to go about it! But one day when my dad—an excellent cook and a wide traveler—casually asked if I wanted to know how to make vegetable oil smell like ghee, I got really excited. I could take up the challenge after all! He told me the “secret”. Some pakore wale in south India added tender guava leaves to hot sesame oil to impart a mild ghee flavour to it. 

I tweaked the recipe, using coconut oil for its ghee like consistency and also added a few curry leaves for a more intense flavour. This stuff looks exactly like the real thing and has a mild ghee flavour that works perfectly with all kind of savoury dishes. And the best thing? Being plant-based, it’s got absolutely no cholesterol!

vegan desi ghee


1. Heat the oil over medium heat. Turn off the heat when it reaches smoking point.

2. Crush the guava leaves and curry leaves between your palms and add to the oil. Add the turmeric powder.

3. Let the leaves steep in the oil for about an hour for the flavours to infuse.

vegan desi ghee

4. Strain the oil. Your “ghee” is ready!

Due to its subtle spicy flavor, this ghee is best suited for savoury dishes. Use it to prepare dal-tadka, pour over khichidi, or make crispy toasts. It’s the best thing to use for cooking aloo paratha! 


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