Refreshing Papaya Mango Smoothie Bowl

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Give yourself a lovely treat on the weekends. Try this Smoothie bowl for breakfast


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1 cup Mango

1 small Papaya or 1 bowl of Papaya

1/2 cup Soy milk or any plant based milk

1 Banana

2 tsp Chia seeds

2 tsp Hemp seeds

2 tsp Pumpkin seeds

2 tsp Coconut flakes

This recipe has all the nutrients and vitamins you could ever need from its fresh ingredients. You get your vitamin C from the mango, potassium from the banana, omega 3s from the chia - you get our drift. This bowl is packed with goodness!


1. Place chopped and frozen mango, papaya and milk in a blender. Use frozen mango for better consistency. 

2. Blend until perfectly smooth.

3. Pour the mixture into the bowl.

4. Add toppings. 

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Kavita Baluni

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