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Sugar-Free, Oats And Yogurt Cupcakes!

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Sweet Sugar Free Vegan Cups Which Are Perfect As A Dessert, Or As Quick Bites. They Are Super Easy To Make,Ready In No And Taste Scrumptious!


Prep Time

10-15 mins

Cook Time

25 - 30 mins

Total Time

45 mins


Two Ripe Bananas

100mg Of Maple Syrup

1tsp Almond Extract

125g Oats

1tsp Cinnamon

A Pinch Of Salt

Filling - Soya Yogurt (or any other vegan yogurt)

Topping Of Your Choice (fruits, nuts)


Start by switching your oven on to 175 degrees Celsius and lay out cupcake cases (if you have a muffin tin you can use that). In a bowl, mush together the two bananas and then add the maple syrup and almond extract. Let me warn you this is not aesthetically pleasant but it will be good, trust me. In a separate bowl, mix in all your dry ingredients.

Once that is done you can go ahead and pour your slimy banana concoction on top of the oat mixture and stir it in. You can then start to form little cups with the mix and put each one in the cupcake case. Try and make them as even as possible so that it cooks homogenously. Your cups are ready to be cooked!

Pop them in your preheated oven and leave them to cook for about 15-20 minutes. After that check every 5 minutes. The time will vary depending on whether you have a fan or conventional oven. While that is baking, you can either do the washing up or prepare the ingredients for the yoghurt topping - obviously you are going to prepare the ingredients . You can be very creative with this. I decided to be a bit boring and just cut up some strawberries to add on top of the soy yoghurt but you can add nuts, sprinkles vegan chocolate, anything!

Once the cups are baked you can go ahead and assemble everything together and voila! 

You have a delicious vegan treat! We enjoyed them as breakfast on a lovely winter morning and I can confirm to you, they are divine! :) 


Tara Joshi

Tara is a passionate vegan warrior who loves to experiment with food and has mastered several mouth-watering, nutritious delights over the years!

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