Watermelon, Green Tea and Lemon Grass Smoothie

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Swap that cup of coffee for a glass of this refreshing and healthy smoothie


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200g Watermelon

100ml Green Tea

1 tbsp Chopped Lemongrass

A squeeze of Lime Juice

Image Courtesy - Susannah Louise 

I like to make a large quantity of this in the morning and keep it in the fridge, to refresh me throughout the day and keep my metabolic rate active.

Green tea contains a plethora of bioactive compounds including polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins, which function as powerful antioxidants, and drinking green tea regularly promotes fat-burning by boosting your metabolic rate. Try to choose a high quality organic green tea to maximise the benefits.

Lemongrass promotes digestion, fights colds and flu, and in studies, a component called citral has been shown to kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.


Steep the lemongrass in the green tea for 5 minutes, leave to cool.

Once cool remove the lemongrass and blend the green tea together with the watermelon.

Add a squeeze of lime juice for extra zing.



Susannah Louise

I’ve been vegan almost ten years and I’m an avid supporter of rights for animals. In my spare time I play with my rescue dog Popeye, photograph vegan food, brush donkeys and watch dystopian sci-fi. I love vegan desserts, fake meat and vegan junk food!

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