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Watermelon Nice Cream Bowl

  • Kritika Singh
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Quick and easy nice cream bowl for a refreshing morning


Prep Time

5 mins

Cook Time

Total Time

10 mins


2 banana (frozen overnight)

½ small watermelon

½ cup soya milk (plain)

Sugar to taste (optional)

Ice cubes

1/4 cup chopped coconut meat for garnishing

Inspired from vegans around the world who share their stories on Instagram, nice cream has become a famous bowl to have on a daily basis. Here’s my rendition of the same


1. Cut the frozen banana into small pieces and put in a blender

2. Add watermelon, soya milk, sugar and ice cubes

3. Blend until thick and consistent

4. Serve in a bowl of your choice

5. Garnish with coconut meat


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Kritika Singh

keeping up with the world by eating ethical, wearing ethical and living ethical. I am a vegan and this is my take on the food I prepare, the clothes or make-up I wear and the little details about animal cruelty-free lifestyle.

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