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Eat Local, Eat Fresh - From the Farm to the Table

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So, what’s a Locavore?

A locavore is typically a person whose diet consists only or principally of locally grown or produced food. Exciting, right? It feels great to be able to promote and encourage local businesses. Eating locally grown food also helps the planet by reducing air, water and soil pollution. Why buy food that has travelled long distances which consume tonnes of fuels that contributes to global warming and other climate changes - it’s better to eat local and keep it less complicated.  

There are also many advantages to being a locavore. Scroll down to know more!

1. Your health gets way better!




Eating fresh and healthry definitely has a great impact on your health. Your food looks and tastes so much better than it used to! Being healthy, they say, is 70% food and 30% exercise. Getting the freshest produce that’s grown locally helps meet your health goals.

2) Nutrition level is much higher


Since you’re buying local, you avoid pesticide treatment. Which means you are ingesting good food, closest to nature. And since the food you eat has travelled only a short distance, the nutrients and enzymes are preserved to a much larger extend. Fresh vegetables that are ripe and haven’t travelled far have the most amount of nutrients that help meet all your daily nutritional values and smash those macros!

3) Lesser wastage


The food travels a very short distance, thereby ensuring less food is damaged and spoiled during the distribution, warehousing and merchandising process.


4) No preservatives, YAY!


It’s local, fresh and authentic. Since, it’s essentially from farm to table, the likelihood of there being zero preservatives are high. Obviously, nowadays the agricultural industry being so advanced it’s hard to say if everything is a 100% organic. It’s best to meet your local vendors and have a chat with them about their methods and their produce.

5) Your options are plenty.


But, how? You see, when you buy local, you only buy the fruits and vegetables that are seasonal. Unseasonal veggies are in circulation only because it’s artificially grown and probably pumped with GMOs. But eliminating that means you’re eating great food throughout the year with options varying depending on the season!

Isn’t it exciting to be a Locavore?

Give it a try!

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