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13 Common Household Stuff That Are Toxic For Dogs. (Be Careful!)

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Dogs and puppies are no different than babies; they are curious about things and the first thing they want to do when they see something new and interesting, they want to put it into their mouth. Now, here are certain common things that are just lying around your house and you might want to keep them away from your dog’s reach so as to avoid any fatal accidents!

1. Alcohol

We’ve all known of the effect alcohol has on our body, but imagine that multifolds in a dog’s body. Consumption of alcohol causes a lack of coordination, abnormal breathing and various other lethal issues in the dog. Now, Would you like him to experiment with this for your amusement? We’d say a huge NO!

2. Chocolate

Methylxanthines that are found in chocolates and the fruit of the plant used to make coffee. These cause vomiting, hyperactivity, abnormal heart beat and even seizures sometimes. Also, dark chocolate contains the highest level of Methylxanthines compared to milk chocolate. So even if he stares at you greedily, do not give in!

3. Chewing Gum

They contain Xylitol which leads to major drop in blood pressure and thus may lead to multiple other organ failures . This sweetener is also found in toothpaste and some candies. These causes immediate changes in the body. Initial signs are lethargy and lack of coordination!

4. Over-the-counter Medicines!

In fact any form of human medicines need to be kept away like you would do if a child was around. These contain certain properties which are supposed to fix a certain medical issue in us humans, if the dog lands up consuming it, we wouldn’t be able to tell from the symptoms and thus diagnosis might be wrong.

5. Cat/Bird Food

Even Though a short term consumption of cat food is alright, in the long term it might cause intestinal irritation and may also affect the liver. The same goes with bird food. This food is particularly created for that animal thus feeding it to the dog is not going to do any good to either!

6. Salt

A high amount of consumption of salt can lead to water retention and increased thirst and even urination. Avoid giving your dogs a chip from your wafers packet thinking it’s only one chip or even popcorn. They are no good for your dog. It can be fatal when consumed frequently!

7. Marijuana

Of course, some doctors are experimenting with medical marijuana for older dogs, but even passive smoking of marijuana can cause major damages to your dog. As it affects the brain directly and alters normal neurotransmitter function. Need we say more about this?

8. Silica Gel Pouches

“Keep this out of the reach of children” - That’s what is mentioned on this pouches that come in your new bags and shoes. And aren’t our dogs like our children too? Then it’s definitely not good for them, right? Throw these away safely!

9. Mouse Poison!

First off, poising a poor little mouse too is completely heartless. There are several cruelty-free methods of getting rid of them. It spells poison all over anyway! Even in small amounts these may cause internal bleeding and brain damages. They are made in way that it’s appetizing for the rats but it actually causes ingestion. Loss of appetite, weakness and tiredness are some signs.

10. Nuts & Raisins

The high amounts of oils in these are not suitable for the dogs and thus may cause diarrhea and kidney damage too. The excessive fat content may cause pancreatitis and lot of other multiple issues!

11. Garden Chemicals, Fertilizers & Cleaning Products

If and when you are using any of these products, the smell, the texture and the curiosity leads the dog to experiment with these. Unless it’s organic in nature, the high levels of potassium, nitrogen or bleach can cause multiple issues in your pet.

12. Rubber Bands, Strings, Yarns

You’ll often see your dog play around with a ball of yarn, some loose threads or even rubber bands. This can be highly harmful as they might get stuck in the food pipe and make it difficult for them to breathe. You’ll see them coughing and trying to get rid of it and that is the alarm!

13. Anything Metal/Glass

This may lead to the same damage that it would do to us humans, it may cause internal bleeding due to sharp objects cutting through the veins and pipes inside the body. Please keep this things out of reach otherwise it will be too late!

Here is a list of food items that you might want to know more about so that everytime the dog wags his tail and salivates while you’re eating a meal, you don’t fall weak and throw him a piece of what you’re eating!


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