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Animals Names used as Swear Words - Stop the Madness!

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Over the years, animals names have started to become part of our daily conversations but unfortunately, they are used mostly as insults. Let’s break free of this and give them the good name they deserve. Animals are caring, beautiful, innocent and sentient creatures and we need to learn to respect that.

1. Donkeys

Popularly used as an insult, ass has come to mean “a stupid, obstinate person”. That’s hardly fair to these beautiful looking animals!

2. Badgers

To badger means “to harass or annoy continually”. This is not true for these animals at all, badgers usually go about minding their own business and not bothering anyone - let's be honest who would get bothered by that face!

3. Dogs

Bitch should be an order of praise instead of an insult since dogs are so damn loyal. And let’s not forget, adoooooorable too.

4. Chickens

Chickening out of a situation is a popular phrase used for someone who behaves in a cowardly manner. In reality, when faced with danger, roosters actually flock together and can even confront larger animals without fear!

5. Rats

To “rat out” someone, has come to signify someone who betrays friends or tells on another. In reality, rats actually love being with their fellow rats and take great pleasure in each other’s company.

6. Whale

Calling someone a whale is associated with being overweight. Actually, whales are just large majestic mammals, they are far from being overweight.

7. Pigs

If you’ve ever been called a pig, it means you’re not just smart, but also very caring and clever. And to contrary belief about dirtiness, pigs actually love to clean themselves too!


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