Are Juices better than Consuming Whole Fruits?

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For eons people have been sipping on juices believing that they are nutritious but, we're going to play the devil's advocate by saying - eating whole fruits are actually way better than juicing them. We're being Team Fruit for the first half of this debate, and then we'll switch sides to Team Juice - after you hear us out, tell us in the comments which team you're on - Team Juice or Fruit!?

Team Fruit

No, not even the freshly extracted juice without sugar and preservatives is doing any good!

Reason being whole fruits are full of fibre and nutrients. So, when the skin is removed and the pulp is extracted most of its fibre and vitamins are robbed of it. The blades used for extraction expose the fruit to heat and air which oxidise the juice and therefore many nutrients get lost. So, it technically changes into a liquid that is just left with the sugar of the fruit.

Don’t forget that fibre is extremely important for your gut, good bowel movement and overall health.

Many researchers have even found that fruit juices can actually make type 2 diabetes worse as it's high in sugar content.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief juices are not lower in fat and actually contain more calories than a single fruit. Also, they have a high Glycemic Index – a relative ranking of carbs in food as per how they affect blood sugar levels. The lower the Glycemic Index, the longer you feel full.

Moving on to the hot trend right now, cold-pressed juices - the new favourite. They have built a perception around them of being healthier than fruits. As they are extracted using hydraulic pressure, it is claimed that they retain the nutrients. While it is true that they are better than normal juices, they still don’t equal the goodness of a whole fruit.  Also, in an interview, Toronto based registered dietitian Sue Mah revealed,  "Cold pressed juices are not pasteurised and therefore pregnant women who are immuno compromised are recommended to stay away from them."

Team Juice

There is a reason why humans started juicing because it has its own set of benefits. When the fruit is separated from the fibre, it results in a concentrated blend of flavour, phytochemicals and minerals. These particular nutrients are better absorbed by the body if taken in the form of juice. So,  juices are not completely nutrition-less - take that team fruit! 

Due to its glucose content, it gives you quick energy and gets you through the day. Moreover, as it is in liquid form, it keeps you hydrated.

For busy office goers, grabbing a quick juice which has all your fruits (and veggies) is actually better since it will get you closer to your daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals. Not to forget, it's extremely convenient to sip on when you're rushing to the office in public transport.

Juice is easier to digest than the whole fruit hence, it is easy on our digestive system.  Additionally, Dr Michael T. Murray - author of  The Complete Book Of Juicing, went on to profess that fresh, raw juices have antiviral and antioxidant properties.

Nonetheless,  we prefer homemade juices with no additives for the best health benefits and don't forget to drink it within 15 minutes after juicing. 

After soaking in this information, we pledge to have both - fruit and glass of juice in our daily diet.  What about you? Tell us in the comments below we'd love to hear your take on it.

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