Jamie Oliver Tweets about Veganuary to his 7 Million Followers!

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Jamie Oliver, though not vegan, has in his own way contributed immensely to the vegan movement by offering up delicious vegan recipes on his website and his tv series, for all to try. True to his style, they are wholesome dishes and focus on nutrition and taste. Which is why if you do try his recipes you won't be disappointed. 

As many of us know Veganuary is celebrated world over, where people are encouraged to give veganism a try for the month of January. In fact this year, the movement is set to reach 150,000+ sign-ups, which is an amazing response from last years 60,000. Lending his voice or rather, his tweets to the cause, Jamie Oliver has been tweeting all this month to his 7 million followers about trying his vegan dishes. It's such a pleasant surprise to see the response to these tweets. We hope more vegan-curious or non-vegans get inspired by his tweets and food. 

Here are some of his tweets supporting veganism. 

If you're craving some humble vegan recipes, you must try our Vegan First hits like the vegan chicken Chettinad or our tasty tofu bhurji. Try it and tell us if you loved it as much as we did! 


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