Malti and Mudit Jain Host a Vegan Food Party for Rotary Club of Bombay

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Vegan food produced by Mr.Farrokh Khambatta of Joss

Health can be fun - that was the central theme of the party hosted by Mudit and Malti Jain. They wanted to spread awareness of veganism and healthy eating. After attending a talk by Reyna Rupani, and attending a full day seminar by Dr. Nandita Shah, the Jains felt that Sharan’s work was important and decided to host a vegan health party.

Reyna Rupani giving the Vegan benefits talk

The Rotary event started off with a talk from SHARAN’s Reyna Rupani, who spoke about the benefits of being a vegan, as well as offering alternatives to dairy and sharing quick and easy recipes. SHARAN’s healthy living booklet was also given out to the guests, which were well appreciated. In fact, since the party, SHARAN has been invited to do more talks in different cities.

Mr. Mudit Jain and Ms. Malti Jain

Vegan First asked the Jains a little bit about their successful party. Here is what they had to say:

VF: What was this event about?

M&MJ: The event was about selecting any topic for a detailed discussion as part of the In-Camera committee of Rotary Club of Bombay. We chose to talk about SHARAN which is the forefront movement of Veganism in India.

VF  What was the purpose of this event?

M&MJ: The purpose of this event was to spread veganism as both meat and milk are toxic products to members of the Rotary Club of Bombay.

VF: Why did you want to spread the message of veganism?

The reason for us of wanting to spread veganism is (a) to highlight the animal cruelty in producing milk (b) to propagate good and healthy food (c) the ecological disaster caused by the meat and milk industry.

Vegan Messages at the Party

VF: What were the steps taken to do spread veganism?

M&MJ: SHARAN demonstrated how tasty and healthy food can be prepared without any dairy products and the menu book prepared by them was given to all the participants sponsored by us to around 80 people.

VF:  Do you think more people would be interested in it?

M&MJ: Yes, many people are interested in veganism provided they are given choices readily available.

VF: What was the response of the audience when the talk on veganism was introduced to people?

M&MJ: The audience was receptive and there were many questions put to Reyna Rupani of SHARAN.

Sharan goodie bags. Guest reading Sharan's Health Benefit booklet.

VF: Why do you feel veganism is becoming more mainstream now and how can we help grow the movement?

M&MJ:  With greater awareness and understanding of the world scenario, veganism is becoming more popular as the cruelty and environmental issues of factory farming of both meat and milk products and sudden rise in diseases. Veganism can be spread by making it mainstream propagating that this can be profitable.

VF: Is there any message you'd like to give to our readers?

M&MJ: For your own sake and the sake of your family, society and the world, spread awareness and understand the ecological disaster involved in the meat and milk industry and they be enlightened consumers.

Ms. Malti Jain with the cake and decor.


The highlight of the party besides the fab decor had to be the delicious all vegan menu produced by Mr.Farrokh Khambatta of JOSS. The catering company is renowned for their food, and are associated with the top echelon of clients and events, which makes their foray into vegan food all the more exciting for us in the vegan community.







What a great way to celebrate veganism, especially with all the vegan food spread from Joss!


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