Saint Kabir says Do not Kill any Life, Same Life force Pervades all

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Saint Kabir, a name many of us are familiar with, was born around the 14th century. Kabir was a poet and a saint whose verses can be found in many holy books such as that of Sikhs -Guru Granth Sahib. His teachings also influenced the Bhakti movement.

In his teachings, he preaches about a sacred connection with the divine. In many of his writings, he tells how all the souls are similar whether it is a human or a bird or an animal.

Kabir-Mans Mans Sab Ek Hai, Murgi Hirni Gaye.

Aankhi Dekhi Nar Khaat Hai, Te Nar Narakhi Jaye.

Souls come in the form of various beings to experience life. When we kill a life, be it in any form, it is a great sin. Kabir says that we should not involve ourselves in the act of taking the life of other beings merely for the sake of our pleasure. No matter what size the living being is, its soul is same as ours because the outer body which we see is nothing but a covering.

Saint Kabir says, if a person indulges in the killing of a fellow being, he is killing a part of God; then how can that person consider himself a true devotee? Just like we are a part of the supreme energy, the other living creatures we see around are also a part of the divinity, then what makes us foolish enough to commit such a sin?

Mansa Hari Manva,Pratyaksh Rakshas Jan.

Jeev na maro bapura, sabke aikai pran.


It’s often said that mistakes committed in ignorance are forgiven. However, Kabir Das says if a person is consciously committing a sin, in spite of being aware and knowledgeable then, no matter which religion they are from, they are letting themselves be a low being and will be doomed.  

In one of his writings, Kabir Das warns the people of the effects of eating flesh. He relates the fact that if an animal as harmless as a goat or a cow which eats nothing but leaves or grass, is killed mercilessly then what will be the fate of someone who kills such a being?

Saint Kabir, whose teachings have been widely praised by Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims, says that the purpose of your killing is not of concern - sports, food, rituals or any other- you are committing a crime, for which you will indeed have to pay. He says, one cannot get away with a murder, you will have to repay all the sins in hell.

We as human beings are foolish; we indulge in activities to satisfy our selfish desires and turn a blind eye to the immediate effects of such acts on others.  It all starts from the presumption of considering ourselves a species superior to other species presently living on the planet. Even if we are superior in terms of our intelligence, such intelligence should be used for the collective good of all living beings and not the opposite.

This brings us to the question: Are we actually as intelligent as we consider ourselves to be or are we just any other species driven by desires throughout our lives? Another spiritual leader Mohanji talks about just that in an article he penned about how humans believe they are on top of the food chain. Nitya Shanti as well speaks volumes about our acts as humans in a candid video we took with him. It's clear that even in the ways of spirituality, choosing veganism goes hand in hand with our inner wellbeing. 

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