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I feel physical pain this year to see the kind of celebration that's building up for Sunday – Mother’s Day. Every day there’s more and more talk about how we need to respect our mother, how much she’s done for us, how she’s irreplaceable and how her love is unconditional.

That’s a good thing, right? Why should it bother me?

When we think of celebrating this day, all we care about is our  mother. The one who made us. Nobody else, nothing more, we’ve become so desensitised to other mothers. It doesn’t matter how cruel we are to those moms, as long as our mothers are protected.

All mothers are the same. Across species. If you ever lived with pets, you’ll know what I mean.

Time and again, it’s been proven that animals are sentient beings, that feel love and pain exactly the way we do. Why can we not respect that?

Why do we pay for someone to rape and impregnate her?
Why do we force her child away from her?
Why do we cause her the pain of separation?
Why do we steal all of her milk and enjoy it?
Why do we defend all this in the name of food?

Would even one of you tolerate this being done to you, or to your mother? If not, then how can you tolerate this happening to another mother?

Imagine this: You have to move cities for a new job, and you’re leaving your mom for the first time. Remember the moment you left? Remember how empty and lifeless you felt? Remember how much you missed her every day? Remember how you couldn’t find anything without her around? Remember how different life is without your mother to guide you?

It’s the same with any other animal. A child needs his/her mother. A mother teaches the child how to thrive, how to eat, how to socialise, how to move, where to go, what to do and so much more. A cow and a calf share the same emotion that you and your mother do. They even fight!

The bond between a mother and her child is incredibly strong. It begins when the child is coiled safely inside her womb, and there is no end to it.  The baby and mother get to know each other even before they see each other. A mother goes through an immense change emotionally with her hormones while bearing a child. She puts up with pain and uneasiness for a whole nine months. It’s not easy, and it’s definitely not to be taken for granted.

Be it a human mother. A cow mother. A pig mother. Or any and every other mother.

Today, if you are celebrating mother’s day, please celebrate every mother that exists and not just yours. Respect all. Live, but let live too.

Ditch dairy. Because, with every glass of milk that you consume, a mother somewhere is weeping from being separated from her child.

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